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Manipulative Therapy

Manipulative Therapy

Similar to osteopathy and chiropractic, manipulative therapy helps to promote optimal pain-free movement of the joint and surounding tissues. The soft tissues are worked loose and relaxed through neuromuscular and deep tissue massage after this the joint capsule is stretched by delivering a high velocity thrust to the joint.

This increases extensibility of the joint and surrounding tissues easing pain and discomfort while increasing range of movment.

Deep Tissue Massage uses slow, deep stretches with direct pressure and frictions to help realign scar tissue, break up adhesions and release chronic tissue tension.  Also known as myofacial release, DTM focuses on releasing the myofacial restrictions of the deeper muscles, ligaments and tendons.

Neuromuscular Technique




Neuromuscular Techniques (or NMT's) are soft tissue

technique using firm pressure frictions and static pressures on the muscles and tendons. These techniques are applied to various parts of the muscles to stimulate a reflex response from the muscles and the nerves. Ultimately this technique helps to normalise the tissue tension and nerve signals reducing tissue tension while helping break up fibrous tissue and adhesions.

Free Spinal Check

Glasgow Pain and Injury Clinic offers all new patients a Free initial consultation and Free examination. You are then given feedback on what may be the cause of the concern and advice on which treatments may help.

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