Our treatments are tailored to suit each patients requirements, drawing from 16 years experience and combining a wide variety of techniques to achieve the best results.  

Manipulative therapy is best known for its HVT technique, the short sharp movement that often produces a 'cracking' noise. However, it also involves other techniques such as mobilization of the joint capsule. Small passive movements are used to manually work the joint through a natural level of resistance. These techniques stretch and strengthen the tissue surrounding the joint, fostering movement in stagnant tissues.

Possible benefits include: 

Increased movement

Lessening of pain

Increased blood flow

Breaking down scar tissue

Deep tissue massage is mainly used to treat musculoskeletal disorders, strains and sports injuries. This technique uses sustained pressure and deep strokes from the elbows, forearm, hands and fingers to target inner (deep) layers of muscle and connective tissues.

Possible benefits include:

Reduced muscle tension

Break up scar tissue

Increase movement

Pain relief

Neuromuscular Techniques, or trigger point myotherapy, uses firm pressure frictions and static pressures on the muscles and tendons. Pressure from joint misalignment, strained tissues and muscle tension can cause sensitisation of the nerve. NMT causes a reflex response from the soft tissue, helping to normalise tissue function.

Possible benefits include:

Relief from pain

Reduced muscle tension

Normalised tissue function


Ultrasonic therapy uses high-frequency sound waves to treat muscle, joint, tendon and ligament problems. The sound wave causes mechanical vibrations within the tissues generating movement and heat. This can help to break up scar tissue. 

Infrared heat lamp uses infrared light which aids cell regeneration. Improved circulation speeds up the healing process while the heat has a relaxing effect of muscle. This coupled with manual therapy allows for the tissues to ease off quickly. 

Kinesiotape is  elasticated tape designed to encourage the bodies natural healing process. Strips of tape is stretched and position over a muscle or joint area - to provide support and stability without restricting movement. 

Possible benefits include: 

Faster healing

Supported & corrected movement

Prolong benefit of manual therapy